Day 195 - Wet n Wild & Silly Little Penguins!

At the house we are staying at there is an excellent wall decal.  A beautiful reminder of what life is really all about.  I loved reading it every day and read it out loud to the kids and explained it to them.  How much of it they understood and absorbed I am not sure, but it never hurts to be reminded of the little but certainly important things. 

The house we stayed at was only minutes away from Dreamworld (a DreamWorks theme park) and Wet n Wild.  We decided that since after Australia we were off to Disney World anyways, we would skip DreamWorld and its costly tickets and just opted for Wet n Wild.  

The weather looked iffy at first, with dark clouds that threatened rain, but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day! 

The park isn't huge but there are a lot of different water rides.  The kids had a great time and we took turns staying with them, while the taller people in the party attempted some crazier rides! I have no idea what possessed my aunt and I to try the aqua loop...crazier yet, I don't know how we continued to stay in line when we saw quite a few people who were got stuck mid-loop and had to come out of the "escape" hatches in the middle!! 

If you have never been, let me paint a quick picture for you.  You get a flat boogie board type thing that actually goes on your back like a backpack.  Then once you climb the millions of stairs to the very top, you walk into a hatch and stand on a platform. A robotic voice counts down, 3...2...1...and the platform retracts sending you feet first, rushing through the tubes and you better hope that you have kept those ankles and arms crossed for your best chance of making it all the way through the loop and out at the bottom.

I am happy to announce that we both made it through just fine, but we should probably get our heads checked for being so insane and trying that in the first place!! In case you are unable to picture it, here is a video (not mine), that might help.

Being a waterpark and not having a waterproof camera, we didn't get too many great pictures. The kids especially loved the wave pool, and Kian was eager to try any water slide they would allow him on.  He was so brave, on one big slide which he had to go alone, he made it to the bottom and promptly sank in the pool before being rescued, and didn't mind a bit! 

We left the park high on adrenaline with two happy kids.  Next up on the agenda was eating some left overs for dinner and then heading out to the movie theater to see the Penguins and Madagascar movie, which was hilarious! 

A good time was had by all and we had fun taking a picture with the adorable Paddington Bear that was on display in the lobby!

Tomorrow we are leaving the amazing house, heading to the beach and then hitting up the road again! 

It was a short but sweet stay, and time flies by when you are having a blast.