Day 196 - Gorgeous and Glittering Rainbow Beach


Australian beaches should certainly have a ranking of their own.  They are gorgeous, gleaming,  and clean; when you get there you just don't want to leave.  The only downside is the H.O.T sun. You can really burn in just a matter of hours if you don't have an umbrella or a tent! 

We packed up everything and said goodbye to the beautiful house in Upper Coomera.  We decided to check out Rainbow Bay Beach, which we had picked because it was ranked high for being very family friendly.  Once we got there we knew why.  The water was so shallow for quite some distance into the sea!  This meant no worrying about the kids as they run into the water, and it also meant extra warm water!!

The kids got busy playing and we got busy relaxing and chatting! 

We ate some lunch while at the beach, thanks to a cooler we borrowed from a friend in Sydney. Due to the lack of supplies, we also ate a healthy amount of sand with lunch!! Mmm Mmm...grainy! :) 

The other nice thing about this beach was that there was a great area for rinsing off and changing.  Unfortunately the path to said area was HOT! We skipped and hopped our way there...ouch ouch ouch! I suppose having flip flops on would have helped but we are stubborn! 

Once everyone was rinsed and changed, we headed back to the car and started our drive to our next stop for the night, Port Macquarie.  The kids were exhausted from playing so much in the sun and sand, so they took a nice nap on the way.  We took a short coffee break and kept on going.

Around dinner time, we found ourselves at a restaurant called Hog's Breath Cafe. The service was great and the food was delicious to a bunch of hungry travelers who hadn't had too much to eat for lunch.  The kids enjoyed their fancy drinks and a chance to stretch their legs and color a few pictures. 

We arrived at the hotel just in time for bed! Everyone needed some aloe vera gel lotion thanks to the evil sun at the beach. Oh we had lots and lots of sunscreen on but there is no escaping those UV rays! Tomorrow we plan on doing some sightseeing at Port Macquarie before heading back to Sydney.  

Australia Road Trip Day Three: Gold Coast to Port Macquarie

Australia Road Trip Day Three: Gold Coast to Port Macquarie