Day 190 - A Taste of my Motherland!

We have been stuffing our faces with some really delicious food from around the world.  As a foodie, I feel totally blessed to have been able to sample so many varieties of delicious meals, but I was definitely starting to miss the taste of Persian food.  In the U.S. my parents' cooking, especially my mom's, often satisfied my cravings.  There were also a few Persian restaurants in the New York/New Jersey area that we frequented whenever we were in the mood for some good Kabab and Kashkeh-Bademjoon (an eggplant dish).  I mentioned my unsatisfied cravings for Persian food to my aunt and she said she knows just the place to go to fix my "problem".  

We started off the day with a trip to the beach.  Honestly, our hosts live in an incredible area!  Can you imagine living about a 10 minute walk from a gorgeous beach? Yah, we were really lucky and Australia has no shortage of incredible beaches.  I'd say this must be one of the reasons why most people are so laid back here.

After the beach we got ready and headed out into Sydney to meet up with my aunt Sheema.  First we checked out the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) which is large shopping center with many expensive stores.  We thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience there, window shopping that is!  My favorite part of the building is the Great Australian Clock that hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the building.  It is stunning and shows 33 scenes from Australian history. 

After having a cup of coffee and a light afternoon snack, we decided to walk to the Persian restaurant.  It was a long walk, but it was also a beautiful day and we really couldn't pass up on the walk.  During our walk we came across giant letters in front of The Star Casino.  The kids had a blast posing with them.  Too bad the name "The Star" does not include a K!  Oh well, Kian had fun in the S anyways! 

After a lovely walk that worked up our appetite quite a bit, we arrived at our destination: The Persian Room.  The restaurant is right by the water, and since we were a little early we didn't have any competition for grabbing a nice outside table.  

Oh and the food? It more than satisfied my craving! It was amazing, and if you visit Sydney and are in the mood for ethnic food that is not in the suburbs of Sydney, we would definitely recommend this place.  

Since we stuff ourselves beyond a typical human's capacity, we had no choice but to walk it off before we could get on a bus home.  We took a nice stroll as the dusk set in over Darling Harbour and counted our lucky stars to have been able to travel for so long and to so many different countries.  I guess with the end of the year drawing near, it makes sense that we began to reminisce a bit.