Day 191 - The Day Of The 'Lasts'

Typically, the word 'last' brings about a negative feeling.  You might hear someone say, this is my last chance to get 'this' right, or I came in last place in the race, or on a less serious note, this is my last piece of candy!  In many ways the word last is not something people like to say or hear.  In the past several months, we have had a lot of lasts as we said goodbye to various countries and moved on with only memories (and pictures, lots and lots of pictures) to have and to cherish.  

Although today was not our last day in Sydney, it was the last day we would be going to the Bronte Beach.  Tomorrow we will camp out at a park in Sydney to watch the incredible Sydney New Year's fireworks, and after that we are off to the Gold Coast for a few days.  Once we return we plan to stay at a small apartment in Sydney, which we found on Airbnb of course, for a few days before we leave Australia and head to Disney World! 

Long story short, it was our last day at the Bronte Beach, and we planned to enjoy ourselves by staying as long as it is possible to stay at an Australian beach without beach umbrellas, before starting to feel like we were going melt! Did I mention the sun is really really strong in Australia?!

There is a flip side to the definition of the word last that is actually very positive.  I don't think many people think of the word last this way, but imagine the following scenarios: last day of work at an old job before starting a new role or career,  last day of being pregnant (I bet some mamas can related to's bitter sweet but you just can't wait to meet your baby!), and on a less serious note, last time seeing gigantic Australian spiders inside the house! 

Last time we saw a giant spider I thought it was a once in a while thing, until tonight when this guy/girl showed up.

The craziest part about spotting this spider was that it was extremely well positioned behind a small china cabinet! This meant we had 1 chance to capture it.... errr well, to eliminate it! And we totally blew our chance! 

She/he ran away with those giant 8 legs, and despite our 30 minute effort to find where it had gone to, we failed. 

Spider: 1 - 4 Adults: 0! Well done spider! Our hats off to you.  

I really hope this is the very last time we see massive spider inside a house.  Eek! They totally give me the creepy crawlies. 

What do you think of the word 'last'? Positive? Negative?