Day 189 - Maya, Spaghetti, and a trip to the park!

Since we dragged the kids out to the shopping centers yesterday, we decided to actually let them take a break today and play with their new toys.  Kitty, Ella, Celt and their parents left for a camping trip with friends, but since they are an awesome family, they let us keep staying there with their current and ex au pairs. 

Kian and Hannah missed having their playmates, but they kept themselves very busy playing in the playroom for hours!

One of the cool people we had the opportunity to meet on our travels was Maya.  She used to be an au pair for Katie's children in the US and she is amazing!  She came to Australia on vacation and to visit her "kids".  Hannah and Maya got a long splendidly.  Maya interviewed Hannah once, and since Hannah loves to be a center of attention, she was happy to answer all her questions.  

So today, when Maya was busy making a delicious Indian Curry, it was no wonder that Hannah thought she should get to try it. "Mmmmm....Good" was what she said after taking her first bite. 

In the evening, we had a simple and quick spaghetti dinner before walking to the park with my aunt Sheema.  There was no one at the park, so we had a nice private playground with a view of the beach all to ourselves.

Overall, it was a simple but much needed relaxing day for everyone in the family.  I still think we are recovering from our crazy schedule in New Zealand. 

Oh and as for Maya?  Thanks to Apple and all its awesome products, despite being all the way in South Africa now, Maya and I still keep in touch.  I seriously hope we get to see her again at some point.