Day 188 - The Forgotten Day!

Many of you know that our Big Adventure came to a conclusion on January 24th, when we returned home.  Now 4 months later, I am still working on finishing the daily stories, since destinations like Thailand and New Zealand (where internet connection was tough to come by) resulted in me falling behind.  Reuniting with family, moving across the country, and just life being busy all kept me from catching up as quickly as I hoped.

Thankfully I have a fairly good memory, and just looking at a few pictures can remind me of most of the events of the day.  The keyword there was 'pictures'.  As I went through our pictures from Australia to organize them, I realized there was nothing from December 27th! 

I tried to rake my memory, but what I could remember seemed to be for the December 28th, as evidenced by the pictures from that day!  I was about to give up and just write a post that says: "Sorry, I can't remember what we did today... I guess 1 out 216 isn't too bad, right?"

I had created a placeholder blog post for every day we were away, so I clicked on December 27th to write my sad blurb when I saw this:  

"Good deal on the suitcase at Target and grocery shopping at woolworths...dinner at played...everyone has a cold with a bit of a cough...bus ticket reader was not working so we got a free ride both ways! yay! GIANT SPIDER sighting at night. Catching up on blog."

Ahhh!!  Low and behold, a tiny excerpt to remind me of what we did.  I think I faintly remember my hubby telling me that since there was no pictures I should write a quick note, to which I actually listened! 

You might be wondering why we cared about a good deal on suitcases at Target.  Well as I'm sure you remember, we have been traveling around the world with just a couple tightly packed travel backpacks.  We decided with the trip coming to an end, that if we could find good prices on luggage, we would upgrade to a rolly suitcase and a proper carry-on for our trip back home.  We wanted to make life a little easier, especially since now we need to fit the kids' Christmas presents.  This did not mean that we would add luggage, instead we plan to fit one of our backpacks inside the suitcase, along with other things, since it is much larger than our Osprey travel backpacks.

The spiders in Australia are the creatures of nightmares!  Thankfully hubby smushed this monster before he ate us all!

There you have it!  I guess the forgotten day wasn't totally forgotten after all!  And we did end up having the picture of the giant spider, for some reason it was dated with the next days pics.  So here you go, enjoy this picture of a spider that was nearly as big as a double electricity outlet!