Day 123 - Hiking the Fuente Gorda around Comares

Do you remember my drooling over the gorgeous town of Comares, which we visited a couple of weeks ago?  Well, just imagine how excited I was when I found out there are hiking paths all around the town on top of the mountain! 

The trails are of various lengths and difficulty, and the guide books give you an idea of how long the hike will take (which we need to multiply by about 1.5 usually because of the little feet that accompany us, and their little owners who need water breaks).  So naturally, we picked Ruta Buena Vista, the 26 km long trail!  Just kidding :)  We decided to explore the shortest and simplest route known as Ruta "Fuente Gorda". 

We parked in the lot outside of the town's main entry gate, and were able to quickly find signs guiding us towards the correct trail.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike, and the views were breathtaking from the top of the mountain. 

The signs were great throughout the hike, at no point were we confused about where we were going.  I was also very pleased to see workers sprucing up the path and the signs as we walked through.  They are doing a lot of work around Comares in general, which is fantastic because this is such an amazing town and it would be a shame not to take care of its beauty. 

The path was fairly easy to hike, and only a small portion was really on a real dirt path.  There was a bit of a steep uphill at the end, but we enjoyed seeing a turkey and some interesting plants, including a very prickly cactus slightly different looking than the other prickly cacti we have seen in this area. 

Shout out to our little hikers, who walked the entire 3 km while carrying their companions Link and Baby Ginger.  Hurray for hiking! 

If you are ever in Andalucia, you would be missing out if at the very least for one day you don't rent a car and drive away from the coast to explore these wonderful mountains :)