Day 109 - Comares, The Perfect Andalucian Village

Today, we visited the village of Comares, which is a small town only a few miles away from our house.  In fact, from pretty much anywhere around here we can see Comares perched at the top of a large mountain.   Its elevation and isolation completely explains why this was the last Moorish stronghold in this area. 

This was truly my kind of spot, and exactly how I had imagined the white washed villages of Andalucia in my head: unique, quiet, and serene.  It was so refreshing to be in a beautiful town like Comares and not be overwhelmed by tourists.  In fact, asides from us, it was pretty much tourist free, though based on some bus parking they have outside of town it may get some more visitors in the high season.  Here is a brief history of this amazing and beautiful village.  

If you look closely at the top of that middle mountain, you can see the village of Comares

If you look closely at the top of that middle mountain, you can see the village of Comares

Comares - A Little History

This small municipality, also known as the Balcony of La Axarquia due to its marvelous views of the region, is located on a rocky outcrop which to the north overlooks the Periana corridor and part of the Axarquia Ranges, and to the south offers views of the vast lands of the Velez Valley and the Sierra de Tejeda.  The main source of wealth in Comares is the production of olive oil and wine and the harvesting of almonds, making it an essential feature of this route.
Originaly of Muslim origin, the town's location is a consequence of its former use as a watchtower, while its appearance still recalls the features of a fortress.  The white houses of its narrow winding streets have windows with iron grilles laden with pot plants of geraniums.  It is fascinating to observe how the rock is encrusted in the walls of these houses, converting it into yet another decorative element.  Let yourself be drawn by the labyrinth of streets, perfectly marked with ceramic signs which guide travelers on their way to discover the remains of former Muslim settlements.

-This information is posted on a sign upon entering the town in the main plaza. 

So without further ado....Welcome to Comares! 

The views from the balcony of Axarquia.  It was so beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect.  If you look closely, you can even spot the Mediterranean Sea near the town of Torre del Mar.

In the main plaza, we found a mosaic sign with 10 main sights to visit.  As the initial description mentioned, we could follow the mosaic footprint throughout the town to make sure we never lost our bearings and also ensure that we see all 10 sights. 

We began our adventures through the windy streets of Comares, and to be honest it wasn't the sights that captured my heart but rather the journey on foot to get to them.  To be fair though, the views were also amazing, offering 360° panoramas of the entire region.

We came across only 2 other people who were also visiting Comares.  What a small world, because it turned out that the lady, Angela, used to be a professor in the UK years ago, and had a few Iranian students that she still to this day kept in touch with whenever she could.  This conversation came about because she heard me and my parents speaking Farsi, and after saying hello she asked if we are from Iran!  What a random, yet very pleasant encounter :)

Bar Tropic - Restaurant

There are only 2 restaurants in the whole village!  We picked Bar Tropic, mainly because they had a nice sitting area and a really welcoming staff.  There were also awesome, colorful parrots that said 'hola' :)

The food was good and made as we ordered, but oh my gosh the locally grown olives were to die for!  So so delicious.  I have never had such delicious green olives in my life!  

I am not sure I can express in words how much I loved this village, but perhaps in will suffice to say that I have left a piece of my heart in Comares.