Day 122 - The Curtains of Riogordo

Riogordo's Weekly Market

Riogordo is like many small Andalusian towns, with a population of only about 3000 people.  I would estimate (based on my completely unofficial observations) that a majority of the population are seniors, and I should also point out they are so incredibly kind and sweet.  Most days the streets are very quiet, except during lunch and dinner time when you see people sitting outside at the few (and small) bar/restaurants around town and chatting while eating small Tapas style meals.  To see the town in "action", visiting on a Wednesday is likely a good idea, since there is a weekly street market in Riogordo.  Originally, I thought this was just a farmer's market, so I was surprised to see shoes, clothes, comforters, and more (we even saw an Elsa and Anna sweatsuit)! 

It is definitely an event for the locals, as there are not any signs anywhere directing you to the market.  We only knew about it from the "welcome book" our hosts provide.  In fact, we almost gave up on finding it entirely, but thankfully came upon it while wandering the streets on foot (driving around the small streets in many of these towns is usually not a good idea, and you all too easily wind up at dead ends!).  Many local people stop by the market, and you can see people chatting here and there.  The market runs down an entire street and the prices are fairly decent, especially for produce.

I always love walking through markets, and this was definitely a unique experience. 

The Curtains

One thing that you sure can't miss while driving (or walking) through town are the amazing curtains that hang in front of the doors of most homes.  These curtains are traditionally found in homes throughout Andalucia, to keep out the heat of the sun, mainly in the summer months when the temperatures frequently hover well over 100°F.  We also reached out to our friends at @viveandalucia ( to make sure our assumptions were valid (they were).  They added that the curtains provide the locals with the ability to keep the door open during the day while still allowing them some privacy.

I love all the various patterns, and the fact that finding two identical curtains is actually quite hard!  You almost feel like the owners are trying to make a statement by making sure their curtain doesn't match anyone else's in town. :) 

Here is a collection of 8 doors and their unique curtains.  What do you think of these?  Aren't the fabrics unique?

White Washed Streets

After visiting the market, we enjoyed meandering throughout the streets of Riogordo, our town for the month.  I know I have said this before, but I absolutely love being with the locals, away from the coastal towns and the tourists.  It really is a great way to experience the culture in this part of Spain.  White washed streets of Andalucia, you will always have a special place in our hearts!