Day 193 - Road Trip To The Gold Coast (Part 1)

Australia Road Trip Day One: Sydney to Grafton

Australia Road Trip Day One: Sydney to Grafton

This morning us tired people weren't able to peel ourselves off beds and mattresses until around 11 AM, at which point we had to promptly pack up and head to the car rental office. We were zombies for a while, but I think after getting some fresh air we got a second wind. Besides we were all really excited for our road trip to the beautiful Gold Coast.  


Sadly, there aren't many pictures to share from today, mainly because we just spent most of the day in the car.  And lets be honest, Australia is a beautiful country, but the roads just look like normal roads... it certainly wasn't like our road trip around New Zealand where we would stop to take pictures every few minutes! 

It is a long drive to the Gold Coast and we knew we weren't getting an early start, so we broke up the drive into 2 legs. Today was really just about driving to Grafton, a town more than halfway to our final destination, and getting to our hotel for the night.  

Sheema and I took turns sitting between the two car seats in the back, and whoever ended up back there passed out for a bit due to New Year's Eve partying exhaustion! My poor hubby drove the whole way...I would have helped with the driving but adding another driver to the rental car was going to cost even more money! Also, they drive on the "wrong" side of the road in Australia too! Can you believe that in 5 out of the 10 countries we have been to they drive on the left side?! At least we had an automatic transmission, that was a first for our travels!

Anyhow, the drive to the hotel was more or less uneventful.  We got into our room pretty late and promptly passed out. 

Tomorrow we'll be driving to a house we are renting through Airbnb in one of the towns in the Gold Coast. It has a private pool and is close to a few different beaches and amusement parks! Ahhh...can't wait for some quality time with my aunt and my traveling family! :)