Day 86 - B is for Bo de B

After running around the city for 2 days and enjoying lots of amazing sights, we decided to take it easy today.  In the afternoon, we all took a nice walk from the Columbus Monument over the swing bridge in Port Vell, and enjoyed the beautiful views of the harbor before walking towards the Barceloneta Beach.

Bo de B

 Before we headed to Barcelona, a few friends and colleagues suggested a variety of sights and restaurants that they deemed worthy for us to check out.  My sister also obtained a similar long list of places before flying in.  Surprisingly, a hole in the wall sandwich shop called Bo de B had appeared on all of our lists.  

What makes this place so special?  The sandwiches and platters include a wide variety of fresh toppings, yumtastic sauces, and meat cooked in front of you when you order.  The result is an amazingly delicious meal, and best of all at an incredibly low price (less than €15 for 4 people)!

The place is very small and not more than 2-3 people at a time can enter to order.  We arrived close to 3 PM (somewhat late for lunch) and we had to wait in a line, albeit a short one, to order.  Luckily, we were able to snatch up 2 tables (out of the 5 tables inside) for all 6 of us to sit at.  One thing to be aware of are the people behind the counter. They do not speak English very well, which is fine, this is Spain (or should I say Catalonia) after all, but they are very strict about things such as walking in with your own bottle of water!  We almost had a "no soup for you!" situation, or in this case I guess "no sandwich for you!".  Otherwise, the experience was very pleasant, and if we get the chance we will visit again before leaving Barcelona, and we'll leave our water bottles in our bags.

Barceloneta Beach: Part Tres

With full and happy tummies, we took a 10 or so minute walk to the Barceloneta Beach, where we relaxed while the kids played.  It did get considerably cloudy and windy at one point, and we considered packing up.  My sister and brother in law actually did pack up :).  I checked the weather forecast, which said it would likely rain later in the evening, but it didn't seem anything was in the immediate forecast.  We took the chance and stayed a while longer, since the kids were having so much fun.

Travel Tip:  For some reason, the weather forecast, especially when it comes to rain, is very inaccurate here in Barcelona.  Don't rely on it.  Unless it says 100% chance of rain, or it's already raining, take a chance, or else you might miss out on some fun times for nothing.

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