Day 99 - Mount Tibidabo & Sagrat Cor

To take a break from our packing and cleaning, we took a short trip (with our car), to Barcelona's rooftop, Mount Tibidabo.  

The views from the top of Mount Tibidabo are incredible, but if you don't have a car, getting there is a bit of a chore, as you need to take multiple metros followed by a tram followed by a funicular! 

On the very top, you will find the Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart) church, which can actually be seen from most streets down below in Barcelona.  Since the tourist season is winding down and the temperatures are dropping, we did not encounter too many people.  We were also able to just park on the street below, for free, and walk less than half a mile to the top. 

According to the history, Tibidabo means "I'll give".  The church's facade is beautiful and you can climb the stairs to the first landing.  There are only a few steps, nothing exhausting or dangerous for the able.  I did see signs for elevators for those who need them.  You also have the option to walk all the way to the top for better views, but we skipped doing this because honestly the views were quite grand from where we were standing :)  

What I find really strange is that there is a large amusement park right beneath this church!  In fact you can see the roller coaster tracks snake through the trees right below the immaculate church building!  Also, when you look up at Mount Tibidabo at night from the streets of Barcelona, you will see two large lit-up structures: the church and the ferris wheel.

Do you find that a bit sac-religious?  Or is it just me looking too much into this amusement park / church combo! 

We did not have any plans to go to the amusement park, which is why we visited on a Monday afternoon, instead of during the weekend when the park is open.  I have heard that the ticket prices are high, but that people generally have a good time : ) But honestly, the views are why you should visit!  You really feel as though you are standing on a giant balcony looking down at Barcelona.  You can see all the iconic spots, such as Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, the communications tower by the Olympic Stadium and more! 

If you have a car or if you have time for taking the many legs of public transportation, this is the best spot to see Barcelona from above. 

I would have loved to see the view and the Sacred Heart temple and ferris wheel lit up after nightfall, but alas we had to head home and finish our packing :)