Day 45 - Water Guns

A quiet start to the day, with the kids playing together - one of my absolute favorite recurring event on this "big adventure".  I love hearing the two of them come up with different scenarios and playing it out.  It is also definitely very nice that Kian has a lot of patience, and doesn't mind explaining the same concept to Hannah over and over again. Whether or not Hannah comprehends the explanations or just says "ok" to get back to the game is still a mystery!  But she is a great sport at hearing Kian out, and at her age, that's more than we can ask for. 

Kian and Hannah playing with legos

Kian and Hannah playing with legos

We had to get milk and just a few other items, so we decided to check out the nearby grocery store.  It's within walking distance, but we decided to drive in case they didn't have what we were looking for.  Thankfully, that ended up being a good choice, since the prices at this store seemed much higher than we had seen elsewhere, and with less variety, so we went back to trusty good old Lidl.  

Next to Lidl, we discovered a nice little discount store which must have been closed last time, and we decided to check it out.  We found several good outdoor toys, including water guns for the kids, at a very reasonable price.  Since we'll be just traveling by car for the next few months, getting a few extra inexpensive things which will ultimately be disposable, but which will entertain the kids in the meantime, doesn't hurt.

Once we arrived home, I sent the kids and hubby to play with their new water guns in a grassy area within our apartment complex, as I cooked dinner. 

They lasted about 5 minutes out there before they rushed back to avoid being eaten alive by the crazy mosquitos here.  With the exception of Kian, everyone already has a number of itchy red bites around their legs and arms thanks to these mosquitos.  Hannah has it the worst, and unfortunately these extra few minutes outside resulted in a ton more bites for her, which manifested the next day :(

They continued to play out on the terrace/balcony until dinner was ready, where the mosquito situation is slightly better thanks to some lemon scented candles.

Meanwhile, I made our dinner of grilled salmon, white rice, mushrooms, peppers and a bit of spinach.

On our last night in Ireland, we discovered that the kids actually really like salmon, so we are now finally all able to enjoy some seafood as a family.  It only took almost 5 years!

A lovely and relaxing day was concluded with a delicious and healthy meal. I suppose if the mosquitos here could talk, they might have had the same sentiment, referring to all the deliciousness they were served out on that grassy area (more on Hannah's itchy mosquito bites in the next post).