Day 105 - Nerja, The Balcony of Europe

Nerja is known as the balcony of Europe, and today we found out why.  We headed to Nerja mainly by chance, as our original intention was only to go to Torre Del Mar for some grocery shopping.  Little did we know that in Andalucia all grocery stores, small and large, are closed on Sundays! 

So we headed to Nerja with my parents to check out this beach town, and we absolutely loved what we saw. 

"King Alfonso XII visited the town of Nerja on January 20th, 1885 because of an earthquake that occurred the previous December, praising its beauty and exclaiming that he had found the Balcony of Europe because of the impressive views that can be seen from this spot."

The pedestrian only streets leading up to the Balcon De Europa are also amazing and full of restaurants and little shops.  I loved the cloth draped ceilings and all the white washed buildings. 

We also took the stairs from the "balcony" down to the beach, and of course Hannah had to soak her feet (and her pants! sigh!).  This girl just loves water. Kian was very busy telling my mom all about the adventures of Link and how he saves Zelda. 

The streets and the town are just as beautiful at night.  I always love seeing a town during the day and then at night.  More often than not the contrast is actually quite amazing, and it's always the sign of a good city when both experiences are equally enjoyable.

Nerja, you are gorgeous and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Have you been to any of the Andalucia beach towns?  Which ones?  Would you recommend we visit them?