Day 104 - Playing with Clay & Waiting for Visitors

We all woke up very excited knowing my parents were due to arrive in the afternoon. The trouble with that is that you end up waiting the whole day for your moment of excitement to arrive and the minutes crawl by. 

We did have a very entertaining morning with the clay we found in the river and packed away yesterday.  We all got our hands and clothes nice and dirty playing and making things.  I know I have said it so may times but I just love having an outdoor space that the kids can run to when they wake up.  I throughly enjoyed letting them play with 'dirt' outside in their pajamas. :)

After we cleaned up, the kids watched a few episodes of Dora the Explorer, which is quite fitting given how much Spanish she teaches in every episode :) 

Finally around 7PM, we heard a car rolling down the dirt road next to the house.  Hurray!  My parents have arrived for a fun filled week of exploring Andalucia and lots of play time with the kids.  Kian and Hannah were both ecstatic to see their grandparents.