Day 127 - "Scenic" Drive through the Mountains :)

We have been taking it nice and easy lately, resting up and enjoying down time before the crazy half of our adventure begins (stay tuned for our announcement on ... Halloween!).  I am really loving this time because it gives us a chance to play with the kids and do some fun projects together, like Kian's 1st book and playing mermaids with Hannah.  

Today we headed into Riogordo for some grocery shopping, but instead of the normal route, we decided to take the route much less traveled, through the mountains on 6 km of roads the GPS does not even know exist.  The only reason we know about this route is from running on these roads, though in hindsight running on them is a fair bit easier than driving on them.

The route we normally take isn't exactly what one would call the easiest drive, in fact it was absolutely terrifying on our first night here, though that's partially because we were slightly lost.  Our "driveway" is a several hundred meter dirt and rock road that is on a steep and curvy mountain.  I refuse to even drive on it, so hubby is doing most of the driving this month.  Here's a little clip we made of driving down to our house, sped up since it normally takes about 2 minutes.

Once out of the driveway, we normally drive through local mountain roads for about 1 km, then turn onto a slightly larger mountain road for 6 km into town.  It's still very curvy and has a lot of ups and downs, but at least there is often enough room for 2 cars to pass side by side, so you don't always feel like you are about to fall off the edge of the cliff!  

The roads on this scenic route were tiny and twisty, and though they were mostly paved, there were pretty much no barriers, even on some narrow bridges.  In all it was a fun drive, perhaps after a month we're finally getting used to these crazy roads around here!

That's all for today.  If you want to read some more, pop on over to our travel tips section and check out the newest addition, 7 Items in My 'Not So Fancy' First Aid Kit.