Day 126 - Table Mountain Restaurant..A Nice Break From All Spanish Meals

This is a short but delicious post about a great restaurant, Table Mountain, we randomly discovered in a tiny little village called Los Ventorros, just a few km outside Comares.  The village is so small that it doesn't actually show up on Google Maps, at least not the Los Ventorros in Spain (we only managed to find one in Tanzania and one somewhere in the Philippines!!).  We ended up finding it by using the coordinates they provided on their website, and by having a general understanding of the area near Comares :) 

Unlike Barcelona, where we had a tiny (and I mean TINY) kitchen and many restaurants within walking distance, here we have a large kitchen and very limited options for restaurants, unless we drive about 30-40 minutes.  We have been eating most of our meals at home, because it's much cheaper, more comfortable, and honestly much more healthy.  But today, we decided to leave the kitchen and venture out for our last "restaurant meal" in Andalusia. 

Once we arrived, we realized that despite its location the restaurant is actually quite well known.  It was rather busy, and we had to sit in the terrace area because all the tables in the main dining area were either taken or reserved.  Aside from the quality of the food, possibly this popularity has something to do with the fact that the menu includes much more than just the tapas options you generally find at other Spanish restaurants.  There is a nice blend of Spanish and other ethnicities on the menu, as well as on the specials.  In fact I ended up selecting an Indonesian dish which was scrumptious.  The service is also impeccable, and spoke English very well.  It also helps that the prices are incredibly reasonable. 

Although it was a bit chilly outside, the terrace area was fairly enclosed and the waitress offered to bring blankets for the kids, which they loved.  The waitress even went out of her way to bring a pink one for Hannah and a blue one for Kian (I told you the service was amazing).  The Terrace is decorated very nicely and has a great atmosphere. 

Here are a few quick snaps of some of our delicious dishes.  The kids shared a grilled chicken breast with an herbed infused rice, which I forgot to take a picture of :-/

The moral of this post is, if you live in the south of Spain or plan on visiting soon, this is a spot absolutely worth visiting.  Besides, it is only about a 5 minute drive from our favorite town, Comares.  If you plan to go on a weekend, make sure you call ahead!