Day 120 - Beach Day!!!

Yep, you read that right. It's October 20th, and it is warm enough to still head to the beach!  We decided to check out one of the blue flag beaches in Nerja, called La Torrecilla, which is about an hour drive from our house.  

You may recall our last trip to lovely Nerja, in which we saw the amazing view from the "Balcony of Europe" and explored the beautiful town, and ever since we have been waiting for the right day to return.  It was a bit of an overcast day, but the temperature was perfect.  At the beach, there were some seriously crazy waves, the biggest we have seen yet on the Mediterranean, but that made it great fun for kids of all ages (okay and grownups too) to run into and away from the waves and trying not to get knocked down. 

The waves didn't scare Kian, he was happy to run into them and went back for more even after being knocked over a few times :)  We are quite proud of this because he generally is not a big fan of putting his head under water! 

Even Hannah braved the waves, and started chasing them.  Slowly, she became too brave for my comfort zone as she would fearlessly just run into the sea!  She got knocked over too, but liked the salty taste of the sea so got over her tumble quickly. 

No sand drawing lasted long, but we drew a mermaid, a man, some houses, and cars.  Most of the time, before we were done, a wave cleared off our canvas!

Kian and Hannah had a blast being chased by the sea monster (daddy-O) and then defeated him by knocking him down.

It was a great day at the beach, and I am glad the crazy waves didn't scare us away originally because we ended up having a blast with them. 

Yep. We still love chasing summer :)