All My Gratitude

The last couple of months I have been thinking a lot about the word gratitude. Between dropping the kids off at school, picking them up, taking them to some after school activities, and just making sure everything is running smoothly in our household, it is so easy to take so many things for granted.  

I started a little ritual for myself where after dropping the kids off or on my way to pick them up, I would tune out the music that my little guy enjoys, as he tags along with me to places, and took a moment to think of 1 or 2 things I am most grateful for. As October approached its final days, I decided to share this ritual with my family. I quickly painted a tree on a foam board and cut out a few leaves from construction papers.  I explained to my husband and my older children that each night they were to think of something that they are thankful for, write it on a leaf and glue it onto the tree. 

I am so impressed and amazed by what everyone has come up with and our tree is looking quite amazing. Here is a list of some of my favorites (including mine) in no particular order: 

Gratitude Tree - 2017

Gratitude Tree - 2017

1. Best Partner in Crime (This one is for my amazing husband)
2. Baby Giggles and Happy Kids
3. School (Both of my kids wrote School on different days)
4. Music
5. Photography/Art
6. A Great Family
7. Home
8. Health
9. Vacation
10. Grandparents
11. The Big Adventure (Our given name to our 7 months of nomadic living around the world)
12. An adorable baby brother
13. Aunts & Uncles
14. Bath
...and many many more.

At the end of this month I plan to make a list of everything that everyone wrote.  I am looking forward to making this an annual tradition in our house. At least for the next few years to come.

Have you thought about what you are most grateful for lately? An attitude of gratitude goes a long way in filling your happiness bucket.