Day 74 - Just an ordinary day

Even travelers and adventurists need ordinary days.  There is nothing wrong with a perfectly ordinary day, where the kids play with their toys, color, or draw, and the grown ups do grow up stuff, like laundry and learning more about blogging :) 

We did venture out in the evening just to walk around the apartment and stretch our legs.  Our neighborhood is very hopping without being very touristy.  There are many local restaurants, bakeries, and little clothing stores.  We even peeked into a few stores, but we did not end up buying anything. 

Our dinner consisted of some grilled chicken, rice, and corn on the cob, with a side of salad.  Oh do I miss Jersey corn!  The corns from Ireland, France, and now Spain really don't stand a chance against the delicious Jersey corn!  Gah when did I become so picky?


Once the kids were in bed, I mended the velcro strap of my little super hero's baseball cap with my tiny, yet totally nifty, sewing kit. 

That's about all for today.  We have been working more on our travel tips section.  Want to know how we managed to just travel with 2 backpacks (+2 kid backpacks)?  Feel free to check out our opinion on the best traveling backpack & packing cubes