Day 89 - Goodbyes & Heavenly Desserts!

Where did this last week go?!  We had such a lovely time this week with my sister and brother in law.  We did lots of touristy things, but we also made time to hang out and enjoy each others company.  We also ate at some really delicious restaurants!

Tomorrow they will get on a plane and head back home, and we will miss them lots and lots until we see them again back home.

Pool Side Relaxing & Happy Kids

Originally, we had planned to drive up Mt. Tibidabo and check out the Sacred Heart church, but instead opted for having a more relaxing time together on their last day here.  So we skipped the church and decided to just lounge by the pool at my sister and brother in law's hotel while the kids splashed around.

Cerveceria Catalana

I did say we had a super easy and relaxing day, right?  After the pool, we walked about 5 minutes to this AH-MAZING restaurant Cerveceria Catalana!  Thank god we decided to swing by early (around 7PM) just to see if we could make reservations, since we thought the place wouldn't be open til 8!  As we got close, we saw not only was it already open, but there were a lot of people already dining and waiting to be seated.  Even though the restaurant is very big, with both indoor and limited outdoor seating, it was already quite packed!

We got lucky and a table for 6 was available for us.  This is a great restaurant if you want to try the infamous tapas food that is so popular throughout Spain.  Everything is delicious and well made.  I would have loved to say the tapas was my favorite, but then I'd be lying, because the dessert is absolutely heavenly!!  The Creme Caramel and the Coconut Pudding are just out of this world delicious.

The restaurant has a nice, loud, chit chatty atmosphere, which meant I didn't have to shhh the kids when they got loud, so they were quite happy and content entertaining themselves with forks and plates and a couple of small toys they brought along (Turbo, Lightning McQueen, and Ariel).  This also allowed the 4 grown ups to have great conversations and some good laughs :)

It was the perfect and delicious way to end a wonderful week with our visitors.  I am so glad they were able to come visit us in Barcelona!

On to the next exciting event on our agenda: La Merce Festival.  Barcelona's biggest street festival started today, and it will go on for a week.  We will be checking out some of the many events and reporting back.  Stay tuned awesome readers :)