Day 41 - Lounging and Groceries

After going to bed a bit after 2 AM, we all woke up around 11 AM :) There are these amazing security shutters in this apartment, which slide up and down with flick of a switch.  They keep the rooms nice and dark, so we didn't actually have a clue what time it was when we woke up! 

Once we opened up the shutters, we were treated to a gorgeous view of the garden on the terrace and the rest of the very nice complex.

Bonjour Nimes

Bonjour Nimes

Our amazing host had already filled up the fridge with milk, orange juice, butter, jams, and bread! This was so wonderful as we all woke up very hungry. 

We all ate something and lounged about a bit more as we were still recovering from 2 days of traveling.  We were also glad to discover there is nice, fast internet here.. which after a month of not having was very pleasant to have back.  It's hard to imagine just how much you use the internet, until you go without having easy access to it for a long time!

Kian relaxing on the terrace :) 

Kian relaxing on the terrace :) 

We knew we needed to make a run to the grocery store, since for the next meal it was preferable not to eat toast with butter and jam again.  We slowly got ready and headed out, after finding some nearby supermarkets, again thanks to the internet.  The first supermarket we tried was closed.. in fact a whole lot of things were closed, apparently the norm for Saturday afternoons here.  So instead, we went to Lidl.  I was so excited when I found out there is a Lidl just half a mile (800m) away. 

We bought lots of fruits and vegetables and other things to load up our nice big fridge, all of which was exceptionally well priced, and they actually took our credit card!  We returned home with two very hungry kids who couldn't wait to eat a bowl of cereal followed by a bowl of cantaloupe :)

Once everything was put away, we made a quick dinner, ate, sent the kids to bed, and sat down to update the blog with our awesome internet connection.

Oh whatever did we do before internet? Oh who am I kidding, I don't even know how we handled dial up speed!! 

Tomorrow we plan to explore Nimes.