Day 70 - Au Revoir France...Hola España

The distance between Nimes and Barcelona is only about 390 km (240 miles).  However, since we cannot move into our September apartment until, you guessed it, September 1st, we decided to stay about an hour north of Barcelona, in a town called Girona. 

We said goodbye to our lovely hostess in France, she really was amazing the entire time we were there, and left around 11.  The drive was smooth and toll booths plenty :) They love their toll booths in Europe. 

Sant Feliu de Guixols

After checking into to the hotel, we decided to check out one of the Coasta Brava beaches and leave seeing Girona for the next day. We ended up at Sant Feliu de Guixols, at the recommendation of the hotel's reception desk who advised that Feliu de Guixols is less touristy compared to Platja D'Aro. 

The beach was lovely and the water was very calm.  The kids had a blast. 

A few times I asked Hannah to give me a nice smile for the camera, and she pulled this pose. Honestly, I have no idea where she has learned this from!

In the meantime, Kian was very busy with his "science experiments", and checking out what kinds of stuff were under water.  At one point, he even said, "Maybe I'll become a water scientist"!

Platja D'Aro

After the beach, we headed to Platja D'Aro for a bit of touristy fun.  All restaurants and shops were open, despite it being a Sunday, and the entire place was very happening.  We walked around a little bit before we picked a restaurant for dinner. 

We were happy with both the food and the service.  It was also very helpful that the waiter spoke English very well.  He was also very friendly and gave the kids balloons and lollipops.  We're definitely not in France any more!

Fun Fair

We walked around a bit more after dinner and found a great fair/carnival.  There were lots of different rides for big and little kids, and the place was really not very crowded at all.  It reminded us a lot of the Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  We especially liked 2 things at this fair: 1) The ride operators didn't wait for 5 minutes to start the ride after a kid gets on just because it wasn't full.  As soon as a kid is on the ride starts (more or less). 2) The rides were nice and long, so after a kid was done with a ride, it was rare to hear, "I want to go on that again".  On a side note, I also really liked that they gave us plastic tokens as "tickets".  They collect these at the end of the night from all ride operators and then reuse them again the next day (or possibly they even collect them during the fair).  How very environmentally friendly :) 

This was the perfect ending to our day.  Coincidentally, it was a great way to end Labor Day Weekend, as all our friends and family are celebrating back home in the States.  So far, I must admit, we love Spain!