Day 67 - Simplicity

Remember our post about 3 reasons why it's good to travel with kids?  Today was a perfect example of 2 out of 3 of those reasons. 

It's the little things - "Swimming in small pools"

The walk on Avenue Jean Jaures towards Les Jardins des La Fontaine is lined with fountains and small "pools".  You might recall seeing Hannah and Kian playing in the fountains before.  

The kids in Nimes love playing in the fountains and the pools, and Kian and Hannah have been following suit.  Not everyone comes dressed to play.  Often times we see a lot of kids just jump in with whatever they are wearing, or take off most of their clothing and then start playing.  Even the parents that look like they are rushing off somewhere allow the kids to just run through the water.  It is generally warm enough that clothes would be dry within an hour anyways.  The water does smell like it is treated, but I have no way of confirming this asides from reporting that all kids, including ours, who play in the water don't turn green and they are all fine :). 

Growth - What time is it?

Kian being quizzed

For a while now, Kian has been asking about learning how to tell time. Recently when he asked for a watch, we told him that he should have a basic understanding of telling time first. 

My goal was to only teach him: a) the hour b) 15 minutes past c) 30 minutes past d) 45 minutes past.  Thanks to a chalkboard painted wall in their room, I started with 30 minutes past (he already knew the hour after we practiced it while we were on the water bus in Venice.)

This method failed.  Mainly because the concept of minutes is very confusing to a young child, let alone having to focus on making sure the he can distinguish/read/write his numbers from 1-60.  Thanks to the internet, Pinterest, and all the awesome people and teachers who share their experiences, I realized I had to change my ways to: a) the hour b) quarter past c) half past d) quarter to.  My husband just said "I told you so".  I should've just listened to him!. 

Today we tried the new method and it worked like a charm.  Hurrah.  Kian is on his way to being able to tell time (beginner's level). 

Meet Lulu the Cat

In the evening, we decided to head a little playground also on Avenue Jean Jaures.  It is far from being an exotic playground, it doesn't even have a slide :(, and it goes without saying no swing either.  Regardless, we wanted to get out of the house for just a little bit before the kids' bedtime. 

On our way, we saw Lulu.  Lulu is a resident of the complex we are staying in.  (S)he belongs to the lady whose house we are "renting" for the month, who is living in another unit in the same complex.  (S)he still comes and visits from outside the door, because thats where the owner leaves the food.  I guess cats get used to returning to familiar places?  I honestly don't know anything about pets, and I am generally afraid of them at first.  Thank goodness my husband grew up in a house full of a variety of animals, cats included, because he is the one that makes sure kids are not afraid of these totally harmless and cute creatures called pets :) .

I probably should point out that poor Hannah was yet again attacked by mosquitos on the playground.  Ugh!  I should have put bug spray on her.  I mistakenly assumed there wouldn't be a billion mosquitos on a playground that includes no grassy areas, but I forgot these mosquitos are evil. 

I hate these mosquitos!