Day 65 - Family Soccer Hour

Yes, Nimes has grown on us.

But, we miss Ireland...

Lovely Ireland

Lovely Ireland

There, I said it.  We probably don't miss the cooler temperatures very much, because honestly every day here is absolutely gorgeous; warm, sunny with blue skies and a mild breeze.   But we miss the farm, we miss the friendly people (who speak English), and we miss the vast open spaces.  I especially miss the fact that the kids would wake up in the morning and rush to their shoes just to get out of the house and play. 

We do have a terrace here, but it is not the same thing, and let's not forget about the evil mosquitos who love to bite Hannah every chance they get. 

We spent the morning at home, with me primarily catching up on the road trip blog posts and the kids enjoying their toys.  

In the afternoon, we packed up our ball and headed to Les Jardins de la Fontaine, yes again, to play some soccer on the grassy areas.  There were a lot of other families there too, many also playing with their soccer balls, or should I say "footballs".  So we fit right in and had a blast playing soccer in teams: Kian and Daddy vs. Hannah and Mommy.  We also did penalty kicks, Kian's favorite.

It was a great exercise, as we all walked away from the park nice and sweaty :)  

To put a positive spin to the post, I am definitely grateful that this park is walking distance from the house.  It is also nice that they use pesticides here, so we don't have to worry much about getting eaten by the mosquitos.  

We planned on getting crepes afterwards, as there is a little cafe right outside the park, but unfortunately they were closing as we started our walk back.  Our hunger for crepes will have to wait another day.