Day 63 - Road Trip Recovery

You could tell we were worn out from our long and busy road trip by the fact that we do not have a single picture from this day, and you know how obsessed we are with picture taking :) 

We spent the entire day just relaxing, except for a quick trip to the grocery store.  Our two favorites, LIDL and Geant Casino, were surprisingly closed (because it was Sunday) and we almost panicked that all others might be too.  But thankfully, the small market near the house was open and we were able to get some essentials for the day.  We used to think we had it "rough" in Bergen County, NJ, where most stores are closed on Sundays, but at least the grocery stores were open!

Since for the next few days, our plan is to just stay near home, relax, and catch up on blog posts, most of the daily stories covering these days will be brief.  We have taken the opportunity to launch a new section for our blog: Our Travel Tips.  After being "on the road" for 60+ days, we have some useful tips that we would like to share with other travelers. 

Asides from our location specific travel tips, which you generally find within the daily stories, here is our first tip for those international travelers that love Netflix and need to make 1-800 calls to the US.

If there are specific questions you have, or you would like to know more about any of the tips we provide, just let us know, using our Contact Us link.  We're also always open to feedback on ways to improve the site, so feel free to share your thoughts :)