Day 183 - Beautiful Bronte Beach

G'day Australia!  You are the last country on our Big Adventure! 

To say that we feel wiped out might be an understatement.  Constantly being on the road for the past 3 weeks in New Zealand has definitely been exhausting.  We are going to be in Australia for almost a month, and the only excursion we have planned is a fun road trip to the Gold Coast.  All we have planned for now is to be like the Australians: slow down our pace and do a lot of relaxing in the sun.  Honestly I don't think we could have picked a better time and place for the task!

You might recall from the last post that we are going to be staying with my awesome ex-boss Katie and her amazing family for a few weeks.  We are totally grateful they could accommodate us, as our original accommodation plans fell through.  It is definitely nice for the kids to have some playmates around their ages, and to be at a house with toys other than the ones they have been traveling with the past few months.  

Today, we took it really easy.  As we were in need of some groceries, we headed out to Bondi Junction, the nearest proper shopping area.  It was a lengthy walk, about 25 minutes in the Summer sun.  Once there, we grabbed a bite to eat and did a little bit of grocery shopping.  To save us from lugging groceries back on the already long walk, we spent some time figuring out the bus situation, got some bus passes, and took the bus back.  Much better!  We got back just in time to head to Bronte Park Beach with Katie's kids, their au pairs, and a few of their friends.  The weather is immaculate here!  Warm and gorgeous, and the walk to the beach was only about 10 minutes!  The beach has an awesome little nook in the corner which is shallow and calm, as the waves would get broken up on the surrounding rocks.  This allowed the kids to really enjoy the water without worrying about the large waves that were slamming into other parts of the beach.  It was the perfect spot for the kids to soak up the warm Australian sun.

After the beach, we just headed back home and continued to carry on our mission of the day: relaxing.

Elmer the Elf Update

Elmer was able to find us here in Sydney!  He is lucky he didn't have to deal with the Jetstar shenanigans.  Wow, I can't believe it, only 3 more sleeps until Christmas!  The kids are really counting down!