Day 161 - Last Night in Chiang Mai

After our busy day yesterday with elephants and tigers, our only plan for today was to relax at the hotel and check out the Chiang Mai Night Market one more time (read about our first visit a week earlier).  Oh yeah, and pack!  For some reason, we really dragged our feet on that last task!! 

We enjoyed walking in the night market again and we bought a few more tiny things.  We also saw this insect stand full of roasted and toasted creepy crawlies!  We were not brave enough to pick any of them to try!  Eeek! 

Because we went to the market a bit earlier than last week, we were able to see a few fun performances by young school girls. 

Since Phung was not with us this time, we had a harder time finding the area with all the food, but in the end we managed and enjoyed a yummy dinner! :) 

We planned on taking a taxi back, but the cabs waiting outside the night market seem to be eager to take advantage of the pour tourists that don't know any better.  We actually laughed out loud at the driver who wanted 3 times the price we knew it should be, the price we paid to get to the market earlier that evening.  We decided to walk a bit away from the market and then took a nice, cheap taxi back to the hotel.  What an odd taxi system they have here!  If you haven't read our earlier post detailing how whacky taxis are in Chiang Mai, check it out.

Once back at the hotel with the kids were put in bed, we took on the task we had been putting off all day long and packed everything up. 

To get to New Zealand we used our United Mileage Plus points and only paid a minimal amount for taxes.  Not that they pay us anything for advertising for them, but let's just say without the points and the route that United and other airlines in the same alliance provide, we would not be going to New Zealand, so thank you United :)

It feels like we are literally going to the end of the world!  Can't wait!