Day 145 - Big Hero 6 in Vietnam!

After a full day of sightseeing yesterday, the plan was to have a nice and easy Friday.  We started off with some "homework".  We have been really slacking on this lately, but I think it is mostly because the kids have really been playing so well together, and when they are not playing or doing some sort of arts and crafts, we are usually out and about. 

Since we had the time for it, they both enjoyed doing just a few simple exercises, and then they went off to play.

It was a beautiful day in Hanoi, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  These summer chasers have not seen the sun very much since leaving Spain.  I was starting to think that the sky in Hanoi is white because it has been almost always cloudy! 

Kim Dong Movie Theater in Hang Bai

On our way back from our mid day walk, we stopped at the Kim Dong movie theater to ask if any of the movies were in English, and were pleasantly surprised that Big Hero 6 was!  We bought 3 tickets, because Hannah was free (to sit on a lap - since they pre-assign seats) for the show at 6:10 PM. 

AAAAA...We were all so excited!  This is the first time we were going to see a movie in the theater after 145+ days of traveling!  We had checked theaters in Spain, but the movies were always exclusively in Spanish.  Who would have thought our first movie theater outing would be in Vietnam?! 

We arrived a bit before 6:10 and bought popcorn and we were surprised that instead of salty and buttery they were sweet!  Yummy!  And they reminded me of caramel popcorn, favorite!

There were plenty of seats in the theater if Hannah wanted to have her own seat, but she opted to sit on my lap for the majority of the movie anyways. 

We loved the movie and Baymax!  Kian especially enjoyed it and had some really good laughs. Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet? 

Fist Bump.. Ba la la la la!