Day 129 - Princess Zelda Paper Doll

Our very last art project in Andalusia was building a Princess Zelda paper doll :) 

If you read Kian's 1st Book, you know that the during the game of Zelda, Link has to battle all sorts of "bad guys/creatures" and save Princess Zelda and her kingdom of Hyrule (don't worry, I had to learn all of this myself as well). 

Since Hannah loves her big brother and most of the time wants to do what he's doing, she usually takes on the role of Princess Zelda and plays with Kian, who pretends to be Link.  After we bought a Link doll for Kian from a GameStop store in Torre Del Mar, both Kian and Hannah wanted to buy a Zelda doll for Hannah as well, but ... they don't sell them! ... or If they do, we haven't seen one yet.

So today, Kian decided he wanted to make a Zelda paper doll for Hannah.  At first, he had thought about it in his own head and knew he needs multiple drawings to create something that has a back, front, and sides, but he couldn't quite understand how they would all come together to make a 3D shape.  Daddy-O to the rescue :)  He helped Kian figure out a way to make Zelda just the way Kian had pictured her in his head.  Kian did all the coloring, and most cutting and taping, he just mainly needed help getting the right pieces designed and assembled.

Ta da!!  She really is all made of paper, with just a little bit of cardboard material (from a toilet paper roll) to strengthen her neck :)  And because of her wide dress, she can stand on her own! 

Needless to say, both Kian and Hannah were very happy with the outcome and had fun playing some adventures of Link and Zelda together.  I used to think legos provide unending possibilities, but now I think paper, color pencils, scissors, and some tape could be much more entertaining ;)