Day 116 - Swimming Pool & A Tree House

Even though it is already October 16th, during the day it still feels like summer here, though the nights are starting to get a bit chilly. 

This means we can still enjoy our outdoor space, including our tiny pool, which is the perfect size for the kids.  The pool does not have a heater, so the water is a little bit cooler now, but the sun is so hot in the afternoons that the cool water is actually quite refreshing (Kian might argue otherwise, as he much prefers to just float on the little blue raft around the pool and lounge in the sun chairs).

In addition to the pool and the cute little swing set in the "back yard", we also have an awesome tree house in a lovely and strong Eucalyptus tree!  At first we weren't sure if we could go in there and whether or not it was safe, but then the owner assured us that it is safe and that he was once up there with 16 kids!!!  The kids cannot quite get up there by themselves, but we can easily help them up and down.  It is so cool up there, and there is an electric outlet, though we haven't tested it out yet.  Tree houses are awesome! 

We plan to have lunch "parties" up there, and I hope we can sneak up there a few nights to huddle and read stories.  

Yay for all the outdoor living in nature we are lucky to be enjoying this month!

Would you consider building a tree house for your kids in your backyard, if you had the option?