Day 113 - That Day I Threw my iPhone 5s in the Dumpster

Since we live in a rural area with dirt roads leading up to the house, there is no way a garbage truck could reach most of the houses in the mountains.  The solution is to put the garbage and recycling bins on a somewhat main road.  Almost every morning, we drive to these mini dumpsters and dispose of our trash.

This morning I included included a little more than bottles and cans in our recycling bag... my iPhone 5s.  Totally by accident, I swear!  I am a huge Apple love (Apple haters don't even start with me ;)) and people who know me well, or even not so well, know how much I love and use my iPhone!  And no, this was not an attempt to get an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus :)

Not only did I put my phone in the dumpster by the main road, I also totally didn't even realize!  We continued to drive about 4 miles into town, did our grocery shopping, came back home, and only then did I realize my phone was missing! 

It is not at all uncommon that I have no idea where I put my phone, in fact it's almost a daily occurrence.  So my shouts around the house asking, "Where is my phone? Where is my phone?" was not alarming to my husband, or to the kids for that matter! 

As usual when I go looking for my phone, I think about when I last remember holding it, and then I remembered.... the last time was when I was about to lock the front door while I was holding the garbage and recycling bags.  The iPhone must have slipped out of my hand into the recycling bag!

"In the car, everyone get back in the car... my phone is in the dumpster!!"

My disappointed and disgusted look as I discovered my iPhone in the recycling bin (Don't be fooled I was ecstatic inside)! 

All that was left for me to do was some good old fashioned dumpster diving.  Thank goodness there weren't too many bags to rummage through (we don't have many neighbors after all), and thank goodness the recycling truck had not emptied the bin yet!  It's also a good thing we weren't in Barcelona still, as there were always people going through recycling bins looking for items to salvage, they would have received quite a prize!  Sure enough, I found my trusty iPhone in the second bag I checked.  Once I pulled my phone out, my 5 year old rolled his window down and asked: 

"Are you happy mommy?" 

Even he knows how much I love my phone =D

Do any of our readers have some good "dumpster diving" stories to share?