Just Draw for Kids

Just Draw for Kids is a free iOS app designed specifically for little artists of all ages.  With the most simple and intuitive design of any free drawing app available on the App Store, your child will be able to draw a masterpiece without needing a parent to help.  So whether you are flying in a plane, driving in a car, or just relaxing at home, Just Draw for Kids is the perfect substitute to bringing out a pad of paper and a box full of crayons.

Kid Friendly

Just Draw for Kids features large but unobtrusive drawing controls and a very large drawing area.  The available controls and functionality are intentionally limited to provide a simple experience for children.  More complex functionality and integration with social media networks has been intentionally left out to ensure your child has a fun and safe experience.


With over 100 handpicked colors to choose from, there will be no limitation to what your child can create.

Saving and Printing Photos

After your child's masterpiece is complete, it is just one click to save it to your device's photo library for safe keeping and to easily share with your family and friends, and just two clicks to print to your AirPrint compatible printer.

Background Colors and Photos

Easily set your background to any of the available colors, or add a photo from your photo library and have fun drawing on it!

Other Features

Adjustable pencil and eraser sizes, rotation lock, quick undo, and quick screen erase.


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