Our Interview with VroomVroomVroom

Back in December of 2014 we traveled throughout New Zealand's South Island with our trusty motorhome, Wendekreisen.  Truth is, we would likely never have found her if it wasn't because of the awesome vroomvroomvroom.com website that we happened to come across as we searched for an affordable option. 

Asides from great pricing, we were delighted at the level of customer service and care since we booked the motorhome while we were in Spain and time zone situation with NZ was quite difficult to manage when there were questions.  Nevertheless, the vroomvroomvroom team helped us through all our concerns.  Bare in mind that this was the first time we had ever traveled with a camper van and had no idea what to expect beyond what we had read on some travel blogs. 

As we traveled through the South Island, the vroomvroomvroom team followed us along by keeping up with our twitter, Facebook, and blog posts. 

A few weeks ago, we were honored to be interviewed by Jason, from vroomvroomvroom, and we shared some fun facts about our 'big adventure' around the world. 

Check out the brief article and the video here: http://bit.ly/1Elh6PM

If you want to skip the reading and jump into watching, here you go:

Also if you missed out on our South Island adventures check them below.  We promise you will love the incredible beauty of New Zealand's landscapes. 

Disclaimer: We were not compensated by VroomVroomVroom for this post. All views expressed in this post are our own.